National Water Center, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

National Water Center, Eureka Springs, AR

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"A change in consciousness must occur in order for us to share water and use it wisely.”  ....Barbara Helen Harmony

The National Water Center strives to look at water with the broadest ideas of ecological balance and harmony.

We support appropriate technology, bioregionalism, composting toilets, dowsing, ecology, flow forms, stream monitoring, vibrational water, watershed planning.

We welcome articles on these subjects at this site. We are an exchange for seeing water in a new way.

What's New?

Miriam Ella Alford was a major contributor and supporter of the National Water Center.  Without her sensitivity, insight and generosity it could never have existed. We miss her so much. 

Learn about the springs of Eureka Springs and their recharge areas, how encouraging green spaces, gardening and other practices can decrease storm water run off and increase flow at the springs. Help with community planning for the water shed.

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National Water Center is happy to announce new Executive Director, Dr. Lisa Wipplinger.

Dr. Lisa Wipplinger is a visionary leader, teacher, healer, and engineer whose mission is to co-create, activate and anchor regenerative communities around the planet.  Dr. Wipplinger has over 25 years of experience in structural engineering and is a licensed professional and structural engineer, and a USGS LEED Accredited Professional in Building Design and Construction.  Her experience through structural consulting and university-level teaching includes management in varied contexts, presenting technical ideas to audiences of varying knowledge levels, writing reports and proposals, technical research, and structural design on numerous projects ranging from single family to high-rise.  Rev. Wipplinger is also an ordained Interfaith Minister, is certified in Violet Alchemy Dowsing multi-dimensional healing, and is one of the first graduates of the Enwaken energy coaching program.   Her desire to provide innovative, practical, sustainable solutions for communities led her to found Savvy Structures Inc. in 2007.   Her desire for synergy and love for the earth brought her to the National Water Center.  She is using her diverse background and ability to bring ideas together to increase our momentum toward balance, harmony, and a new earth consciousness.